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"Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be taken away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it's the safest investment in the world"

Performance disclaimer as required by law:
All earnings statements are estimates of what we believe you could earn and will depend on the terms of each individual transaction. We do not guarantee any profits and do not make any statement or projection as to the amount of money, if any, you will make with this business opportunity or the amount of profit or interest you may be able to receive. Use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals including your accountant and attorney.

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Hello Real Estate Investors,

Alabama Turnkey Investments
would like to introduce a very exciting opportunity existing in the real estate investing world called the "Joint Venture Credit Partner Program".This program allows an individual to earn a substantial 5 to 6 figure income ($10k-$30k plus per property ) and residual income ( 1%-1.1% ) while investing in Real Estate with little cash required. (*see transaction cost below ) The properties will be acquired for lease to purchase, management rental or resale for profit. The homes selected for this program are in good to excellent condition, in nice neighborhoods, do not require major rehab and located throughout the southern region of the united states.

You will need to fill out a joint venture application and nondisclosure agreement. Have GOOD CREDIT of 700 or higher, 1 Picture ID, Last 2 Year's Federal Tax Returns (Personal and/or Business), 2 Most Recent Pay Stubs and 2 Months Bank Statements Demonstrating Cash Reserve or an asset value of at least $25,000. These investments can have anywhere from a 1 - 10 year term depending on you and the buyers agreement. It is simple, we help provide the opportunity. You provide the credit & reserves. In the end we help the buyer achieve traditional financing. Then you get paid.

Good Credit (700+) and/or Cash Reserves is all that is needed to join the many others making easily 6 figures investing their credit alone. We tailor our program to fit each qualified investor to form a lucrative partnership (50/50). The transactions are secured by real estate with sufficient equity already in place. Profits are paid at closing, typically 30-45 days with the potential as follows:

Transaction Value ----- 10% Profit

$200,000 ------- $20,000

$400,000 ------- $40,000

$500,000 ------- $50,000

$1,000,000 ------- $100,000

$2,000,000 ------- $200,000

$2,500,000 ------- $250,000

* This turn key program allows you to create wealth like a bank
Alabama Turnkey Investments project manager will go and visit the property before and after closing. The project manager will take pictures and video of the home inside and out and of the surrounding neighborhood. We make sure the property is ready to sell with staged furniture,etc. or that the property manager is ready to close with the tenant or lease to purchase candidate.

* Future Natural Market Appreciation

* An average of 2 transactions per month

** Most investors qualify for a 90% LTV loan (which will require the Credit Partner to pay zero funds at closing), but with a loan qualification for a 80% LTV, the Credit Partners need to pay 10% cash down (which will be combined with 10% from the end-buyer for a total 20% down payment). With the upfront compensation the Credit Partners realize a net zero cost investment (since the 10% down payment is fully recovered by payments to the Credit Partners after closing).

* The more viable the credit the larger the transaction value

* Credit Enhancement - Your credit score will be enhanced because you will show a solid payment history on large investment loans. HP Investments will provide timely payments for the loans and over time your payment history will improve and increase your credit score.

*Tax benefits

*True asset protection

*Investment is fully secured by property collateral
What is my security collateral?
The property is your collateral. You are secured by a recorded first mortgage on the property. As a private lender you will get the following documents which will be prepared and reviewed by our attorney.

• First mortgage recorded at the court house against the property
• You will be listed as a mortgagee on the insurance policy
• Lenders Title Insurance Policy

Is there a better way to be a passive investor? 

If you are inerested in securing your financial future, please feel free to fill out the form below and Alabama Turnkey Investments will contact you 24-48 hours.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!

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