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Alabama Turnkey Investments
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Referral Program
Alabama Turnkey Investments will pay you $500.00 for any house we buy that was referred by you.
How does it work?

Friends, family or coworkers may be motivated to sell a property at a wholesale price. Also, while your driving on your way to work, school, the supermarket or anywhere, take detours and keep your eyes open for single family houses that are vacant, and look like they need obvious repairs. For example a boarded up house with the yard overgrown with shrubs, and in desperate need of a new roof, etc. Generally these houses are in lower priced areas, or tucked away on a side street.

Just keep in mind, DISCOUNT and WHOLESALE. Alabama Turnkey Investments and our partners seek properties discounted 45% - 60% LTV . When you find a prospect house, take a few pictures of it from the front, either side, and from the back if possible. Make sure you take note of the address. Then fill out the form below with the information of the house and your contact information.

Finally, send an email with the pictures as attachments to Alabama Turnkey Investments with the address of the property in the subject line. Or you can postal mail the pictures to Alabama Turnkey Investments, including the property and your contact information.

Alabama Turnkey Investments do not want homes listed by Realtors!

It can be for sale by owner, or even have no for sale sign, as long as it is selling at a discounted price. Please do not send any website listings. Alabama Turnkey Investments only will accept new and uncirculated wholesale properties.

How do you get paid?

When Alabama Turnkey Investments receive the information that you forward, our staff will verify that it meets the simple criteria stated above. Then I will verify that the address is valid against the county tax rolls. If everything is satisfactory, Alabama Turnkey Investments will contact the owner to discuss the purchase of their house. If the seller and Alabama Turnkey Investments can come to an agreement, and we purchase the house, Alabama Turnkey Investments will send you a check of $500.00 when Alabama Turnkey Investments close on the house.

You can email us your properties or submit them below.

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